Mind embryos
Installation in Gamle Bergen Kretsfengsel. Dressing table, Masterplan Model Buildings, jar, mind-embryos, stoneware, porcelain and glaze. One cell.
A still from performance. 2012.

An autumn morning,
in the state when not asleep
nor completely awake,
an idea appeared.

I need to make a creature,
my mind-embryo,
lay it next to my chest
and take care of it somehow.

The word mind-embryos comes form the Icelandic word hugarfóstur.
Hugarfóstur can be translated to brainchild in English that means; a product of your creative thinking and work.
The Icelandic dictionary says; hugarfóstur; something that someone imagines and has no place in reality, imagination.

My mind-embryos are fruits of the unification of my mind and hands, imagination that takes place in reality.