It began with a search for where the energy is.

That conducted me to the gutters,
the streets of Bergen. Spaces that can be loaded with energy, or a memory of the energy, that has streamed through.

Bergen is the rainy mountain city, the streets and the houses have taken shape from the elements.

Like river brings down materials form the mountain, the rain brings gifts from the house to the gutters.

The shape of the city, framed my search. The rain shaped my work and the gifts mapped the gutters.


Bergen Norway 2011

Klostergaten I  

Klostergaten II  

Klostergaten III  

Klostergaten IV  

Olavkyrresgaten I  

Olavkyrresgaten II  

Nygardsgaten I  

Nygardsgaten II  

Grønnesmauet I  

Grønnesmauet II  

Skansegaten I  

Skansegaten II