Ingibjorg Gudmundsdottir
Born in Iceland 1980

The main sources for my art are thematic thoughts, feelings and sensual perceptions of my surroundings. I am a collector; I pick up things and capture ideas that attract my attention.

The ideas often have their origins in personal history and memories, from my subconscious and my existence. They can appear from motifs and motion in every day live that somehow wakes them up. I am rather open to my surroundings and notice that the environment influences me and my work. But sometimes I spend a lot of time in my head and then my works gets its mark.

I do art because of an inner need. I get an idea and it hunts me down until I try it out. Sometime it appears in clay, another time in my drawings, often both, mirroring each other and can then unite in an installation. To find the focus and to understand why and how I should continue I compose a text. Quite often a poetic prose that describes the work or the feeling of it. I use details I find and objects I form by hand. Each work requests its own solution and material. The process in my hands and the placing, is an important part for the final outcome.

That leads to artwork that is often expressive and personal, sometimes even quite aggressive and political, but also inscrutable, fine and well considered.

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