Tíðir (overview)
Collaborative installation with Yst in Bragginn. 2014.
Collaborative initials
Collected leftovers form the original carpet, space, timber and a helping hand.
Terracotta and black sand.
Porcelain placed in the building's driftwood pillars.
Driftwood, porcelain and clothespins on flagpole-line.
Clothes hanger, white ribbon, porcelain and galze, black string.
Porcelain and overgraze.

The word tíðir can be translated into period, but has many meanings in Icelandic, is for example a female word for time.
A multi-layered installation, made in collaboration off two women from two generations, me and the artist Yst. Our personal use of different medium makes a one united whole when the works comes together and activates the space with tar paper, black line and original carpet.

Aftur heim (Return home, project for young local artist in north Iceland), project grant 2014.